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12 Days of Holiday Decorating

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: December 5, 2018

The holidays can be a busy time, with family, friends, vacations, shopping and parties which leaves little time for decorating. We have gathered some quick and easy decorating tips to help feel more festive.

1) Wrap your pictures, door and tables: Use wrapping paper and ribbon to turn your existing wall art into presents or use large ribbon to wrap your doors, end tables or even throw pillows.
2) Get creative with garland: Garland can be made out of pretty much anything, string together miniature stockings, your favorite ornaments, small wooden toys or even squares of holiday colored fabric. Then just hang then on a bookshelf, mantel or even your wall.
3) Hang Clusters of Ornaments: Create small groups of your favorite ornaments with a festive ribbon and hang around the room.  
4) Light up your patio: Have extra lights? Create a festive outdoor centerpiece on your patio or in your garden by hanging several strands of lights length-wise to create a glowing backdrop.
5) Use those tree trimmings: Have a few branches you need to trim off the tree? Put them in vases and bottles around the house.
6) Create a shiny centerpiece: Group several sizes and shapes of metallic or glass vases, cups and dishes to create a festive focal point. Add a little more excitement by adding stems of berries, tree branches, small ornaments or even a variety of peppermint candies.
7) Decorate your pendant lights: No staircase to wrap in garland? No problem, add garland, bows or other decorations to your pendant lights for a little extra flare.
8) Add a little glow to your garland: Use small battery operated lights to your garland or centerpieces for that extra sparkle.
9) Fashion a Pretty Platter: Place some braches, faux snow or even festive fabric and some ornaments on a platter for a quick and easy table topper.
10) Decorate your chairs: Add simple bows or even sprigs of fragrant greenery and herbs to the backs of your dining chairs for a beautifully simple dinner display.
11) Turn paper back into trees: Using festive scrapbook, construction or even brown or white craft paper into cones or “trees” by securing the seams with clear tape or glue.
12) Add a little music to your doors: Tie a few jingle bells to your front door so all your guests are greeted with a little holiday tingle.
Brandon Jacobs

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