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New Looks for Spring

Categories: Announcements, Blog, SeaGate Homes | Posted: March 30, 2018

Our Design Center is now offering exciting new backsplash and listel styles just in time for spring. Available in several colors and designs, these contemporary options offer you a fresh way to personalize your kitchen and bathrooms when building your dream home.

New Backsplash Options

1) Arte Mosaic
      a) 1 x 3 in Grey
      b) 3 x 6 in Grey
2) Cavatina Mosaic
      a) 2 x 4 in Melodic
      b) 6 x 6 in Melodic
3) Penny Rounds Mosaic
      a) White
      b) Grey
4) Bricklane in White
5) Diamond Herringbone Mosaic in White
6) Lantern Mosaic in White


New Listel Options


1) Striped Random Mosaic in Silver
6) Meteor Random Mosaic in Iron
2) Comet Stratos Mosaic in White/Glass/Metal
7) Glossy Glass in Blue Cloud
3) Striped Random Mosaic in Pewter
8) Glossy Glass in Surf
4) Striped Random Mosaic in Nickel
9) Glossy Glass in Ice
5) Meteor Random Mosaic in Pewter
10) Meteor Random Mosaic in Lunar


Daylight Spending Time

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: March 16, 2018

Now that the time has changed we have more daylight at the end of the day, but what to do with the extra time?

Palm Coast offers many fun daytime activities. Enjoy nature while getting your steps in at the 125+ miles of bike trails in Flager County. Local favorites include Graham Swamp, Mala Compra and the world-famous Scenic A1A Highway Trails.

two mountain bikes at Mala Compra

Photo Courtesy of L. Czemerda

When your are ready to relax burn your extra daylight at the beautifal, pet- friendly Flagler Beaches. Stroll the along the sand, play frisbee with your dog, or just soak up the extra rays.

Spring in Florida is perfect for dining Al Fresca as well. Whether at your favorite restaurant or on your own patio enjoy your favourite foods with your favorite people while the temperatures are mild and the rain is scarce.

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