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How to Read a Floor Plan

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What is a Structural Warranty?

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As you settle into your new home, it is settling in as well. As it settles, you can anticipate small changes due to temperature changes and small shifts, but what if there are larger shifts? Over 80% of structural defects are caused by soil movement surrounding the home’s foundation. (2-10 Warranty. The Illustrated Guide to Structural Warranties. Infographic: 2-10 Warranty, 2015. Print.)

A structural warranty offers you piece of mind, by clearly defining obligations, construction standards, and covered items from the beginning so there are few hiccups in the unlikely event the warranty is needed. At SeaGate Homes, we use our years of experience to attempt to pre-determine possible complications using a variety of factors, but occasionally difficulties do arise, sometimes years after the house is built. Which is why SeaGate Homes offers an industry exclusive 15-year warranty, 5 years over the professional standard, at no additional cost to the buyer. But what does a structural warranty really provide?

It can be expected that a home may have the odd crack in the drywall from expansion as the weather changes. Even daily changes in temperature can cause creaks in the night. Although cracked drywall is unsightly, it is not a structural issue. It can also be normal to see harmless, hairline cracks in the visible exterior or interior concrete of any foundation. A structural warranty covers actual physical damage to load-bearing elements of the home (such as roof framing, load-bearing walls, beams, and foundation) that are a result of failure of their load-bearing function. Load-bearing elements carry the weight of the home; severe shifting can cause these foundations to move off their mark.

In the event of a structural defect, a warranty helps both the homebuyer and the home builder handle claims in a simple, timely manner without the hassle of costly litigation. A third-party provider, such as 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, oversees the administration of the warranty and provides services and protection when and if it is needed. This warranty is also transferable if you sell your home, so the added benefits of this warranty continue even if you are not the owner.


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