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Have a Prefect Thanksgiving

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: November 9, 2018

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, sharing a meal and memories, but for the host of the big feast it can be stressful and tiring. Make your holiday fun and relaxing with these helpful tips:

1) Pre-Cede: If you are having lots of people over, have each one bring their favorite dish to share, even if you have non-cookers in the bunch, they can bring beverages. This gives everyone the chance to shine and share and cuts the host’s kitchen time down. If you like to have a little more control over what is served, assign types of dishes such as veggies, desserts, breads, etc.
2) Pre-Fix: Many side dishes can be made one to several days ahead of time and reheated on Thanksgiving and some are even better that way. A week or two ahead of time, make a list of everything you will need, including cooking equipment. Then check the list a day or two before to avoid the last minute run to the store. Even the simple act of writing your menu down can help you visualize when to start dishes and what is unnecessary.
3) Pre-Serve: If you like having snacks and beverage before the big meal, set up a self-serve beverage station or snack bar outside of your kitchen so guests can help themselves. Be sure to have drinkware, small plates, napkins, ice and a trash receptacle on hand for your station.
4) Pre-Set: Whether you like a formal table or buffet style, you can set-up the night before and give yourself one less thing to worry about the day of.
5) Pre-Occupy: Many families make a whole day of it, and having to worry about keeping them entertained and finish up cooking can be a lot to juggle. If you have small children attending, think about having a Thanksgiving-themed craft they can make while they wait or even something that can be used to decorate the table when they are done. Having a more adult soiree, consider having trivia cards or other simple games set out so they can amuse themselves. You can even have everyone make a list of what they are most thankful for and read them before or during dinner.

Remember Thanksgiving is a time to come together and enjoy friends and family.


Halloween Decorating

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: October 17, 2018

As the witching hour approaches you may be struggling with how to decorate. Decorating for Halloween does not have to be hard or expensive. Simple everyday items can be transformed into spooky settings or kid-friendly monsters.

To get things started pick a color pallet for the area you are decorating. Limiting your colors will help pull your decorations together. Then decide on your overall theme, do you want spooky elegance, haunting decay, or maybe friendly ghouls or simple sophistication is your style. Then decide who you are decorating for — just your family, party guests or trick-or-treaters and neighbors? Now decide on your scale and canvas — do you want to go big or add small simple touches? Once you have your plan try some of these simple do-it-yourself ideas to complete your look.

Here are our top 5 favorite DIY Halloween decorations ideas:

1) Decorate the Door: Play off your door color or wrap it to change the color. Then add a face, or attach cut-outs or even plastic creepy crawlies.
2) Fill the Jars: Save jars or use containers you already have and fill them with candy, Halloween items or make apothecary labels for them.
3) Add Silhouettes: Cut out some simple shapes to add a swarm of bats t o your wall, a spooky window scene or even some silly monsters. Add a little interest by playing with lighting to cast a shadow.
4) Make a Wreath: From devilishly simple to scarily easy, wreaths can be a fun way to add a little whimsy to your Halloween.
5) Hang Some Fun: Hanging decorations are fun and easy to make and can be used inside or out. From ghosts to bats to witches hats.

No matter your style – have fun and enjoy the most spooktacular holiday of the year!

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