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Bye-Bye Bi-Fold

Categories: Announcements, Blog, News, SeaGate Homes | Posted: April 23, 2019

After input from customers, employees and industry professionals, SeaGate Homes has decided to say bye-bye to bi-fold closet doors. Our drafting department has been hard at work determining the best way to replace as many bi-fold doors on our plans as possible. Beginning in May, newly built homes will feature sliding or swing doors wherever possible. There are still a few smaller closets that will have to retain the bi-fold doors but for the most part bedroom closets will have sliding doors and walk-in-closets, pantries and linen closets will have swing doors. This update will be a standard feature and will allow for a sleeker, more refined design aesthetic. Along with this change, we have decided to remove plant shelves from our plans to continue the efforts for a sleeker look.

Our team is always reviewing plans, suggestions and industry standards to make sure our plans are efficient, cost effective and elegant.

For more information on our new plans, open a chat session below.

Brandon Jacobs

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