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How to Winterize a Florida Home

November 21, 2022

How to Winterize a Florida Home

Though we do not experience the snowy winter weather like other states, North Florida does get low enough temperatures during the winter months to cause damage to your home if you are not prepared. We have compiled a list of must-do items to help you get ready for the cooler temperatures.

Protect Your Roof – Check the trees around your house and trim back any branches that hang over or touch your home. This is a good tip at any time of year, but branches are more likely to fall during colder weather, causing expensive damage to your home. Continue protecting your roof, by making sure the gutters are free from debris and ready for icy conditions.

Service Your HVAC – The switch from cooling to heating is a great time to make sure your HVAC is in top working condition. From changing out old air filters to scheduling your annual service checks, making sure your unit is in top working condition will make the transition easy and cost-effective.

Seal Doors & Windows – Check all doors, windows, and other openings in your home where cold air can get in. Heat lost through openings can increase energy use by up to 30%. Replacing and repairing cracked or worn seals will help you keep the heat in and save money.

Reverse Ceiling Fans – During the winter, make sure your fans are moving clockwise to help push warm air down into rooms.

Test Smoke Alarms – With the use of heating blankets, space heaters, and even fireplaces, the possibility for home fires also increases making winter a great time to test and replace smoke alarm batteries.

Close Your Pool – If you own a pool or hot tub, it is important to add that to your winter to-do list. Keep out debris by covering it during extended periods of non-use and be sure to maintain water chemistry to prevent freezing and keep it ready for warm weather use.  


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